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Solar energy
Gasifiers fabricated by REDCOT
Biomass gasification plant powered by REDCOT in Dodoma
Gasification power generators at Lituhi
Power controller
Solar power Invertor
REDCOT SabaSaba exhibition (Gasifier system)
Biomass gasification energy
Generators powered by Biomass gasification energy at Lituhi, Mbaha-Songea-Ruvuma Region, installed by REDCOT
REDCOT engineer at work
Wind turbine
Wind turbine powered by REDCOT at Lambaiti-Bahi District, Dodoma Region
Drip irrigation project at Kigamboni using Solar Water Pumps powered by REDCOT
Solar Energy
Solar Water Pump powered by REDCOT at Chalinze


Renewable Energy Development Company (T) Limited envisions the lead role in promoting the use of renewable energy sources for power in the country. And that rural electrification is intensified and deforestation is minimized.


Renewable Energy Development Company (T) Limited will contribute to the overall renewable energy utilization and over the time will:

- Develop, fabricate and install wind power systems for electricity and water – pumping
- Harness solar power for photo-voltaic (PV) and thermal heating 
- Promote electrical back-up systems for use in main power prone areas
- Reinvent the recycling of fossil fuel particularly the engine oil
- Develop Biogas technologies

- Install mini hydro power stations

-Design, fabricate and install biomass gasification power systems.


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