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Solar energy
Gasifiers fabricated by REDCOT
Biomass gasification plant powered by REDCOT in Dodoma
Gasification power generators at Lituhi
Power controller
Solar power Invertor
REDCOT SabaSaba exhibition (Gasifier system)
Biomass gasification energy
Generators powered by Biomass gasification energy at Lituhi, Mbaha-Songea-Ruvuma Region, installed by REDCOT
REDCOT engineer at work
Wind turbine
Wind turbine powered by REDCOT at Lambaiti-Bahi District, Dodoma Region
Drip irrigation project at Kigamboni using Solar Water Pumps powered by REDCOT
Solar Energy
Solar Water Pump powered by REDCOT at Chalinze

Reducing the impacts of poverty and adverse climatic changes in Tanzania through the provision of affordable, reliable and sustainable energy from renewable sources.


  • To promote the utilization of renewable energy sources for economic and environmental sustainability by carrying out massive community awareness campaigns.
  • To research, develop, fabricate and install cost-effective renewable energy systems for popular use so as to contribute to the reduction of deforestation and environmental degradation.
  • To develop renewable energy resources to adequately meet domestic energy demand especially in rural areas.
    Promoting and providing energy alternatives basically acheter du cialis en ligne renewable energies to enhance diversification of energy mix.
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