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Solar energy
Gasifiers fabricated by REDCOT
Biomass gasification plant powered by REDCOT in Dodoma
Gasification power generators at Lituhi
Power controller
Solar power Invertor
REDCOT SabaSaba exhibition (Gasifier system)
Biomass gasification energy
Generators powered by Biomass gasification energy at Lituhi, Mbaha-Songea-Ruvuma Region, installed by REDCOT
REDCOT engineer at work
Wind turbine
Wind turbine powered by REDCOT at Lambaiti-Bahi District, Dodoma Region
Drip irrigation project at Kigamboni using Solar Water Pumps powered by REDCOT
Solar Energy
Solar Water Pump powered by REDCOT at Chalinze

Clean and Unpolluted

Because wind is a source of energy which is non-polluting and renewable, wind turbines create power without using fossil fuels.

Easy and Affordable


Because wind is a source of energy which is non-polluting and renewable, wind turbines create power without using fossil fuels.

Lasting and Long-term


Wind power is a clean energy source that can be relied on for the long-term future. A wind turbine creates reliable, cost-effective.


Grid-Tie Inverters have a 10 Year Warranty.  Backup Inverters have a 5 Year Warranty.  Off-Grid Inverters have a 2 Year Warranty.


We provide 3 Battery options - so you can choose which one fits your budget and system longevity.


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Installation complies to Health & Safety Regulations.  All work done according to SANS Standards.  All work supervised.

Renewable Energy Development Company (T) Limited – (REDCOT)

Welcome to information site of Renewable Energy Development Company (T) Limited – (REDCOT). We hope that information provided by these pages will be enough for You to figure out our fast-developing company and if You are interested in our products and services, you will not hesitate to contact us.

The center of REDCOT is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, but our business is not limited to the city, we work all over the country.  REDCOT has a very green vision for this country – a how long does viagra take to work solar Tanzania! As one of this nation’s most successful companies solely dedicated to renewable energy; we have the buying power, expertise and installation coverage to ensure you get the very best in wind power and solar energy products and services. All the renewable energy products we stock are tried and tested to provide the most reliable power in Tanzania’s harsh conditions – and at the very best prices.

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About Alternative Energy

Biomass is organic, meaning it is made of material that comes from living organisms. The most common biomass materials used for energy are plants, wood, and waste..


Wind is a clean source of renewable energy that produces no air or water pollution. And since the wind is free, operational costs are nearly zero once a turbine is erected.

Wind energy

Every hour the sun beams onto Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year.

Solar energy

Hydropower is electricity generated using the energy of moving water. Hydroelectric power provides almost one-fifth of the world's electricity.

Water energy

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